About Us

Dsquare is a highly specialised FX trading boutique. We were founded in 2006 right at the beginning of the algorithmic trading era in FX. Our focus is to consistently outperform the market in short term trading. The continued success of our firm is due to the combination of trading strategies, technological expertise and operational excellence. The FX markets rarely sleep and Dsquare is a true 24 hour trading business.

We cover a huge variety of currency pairs from the majors to those that are less liquid, with our trading models always evolving with the markets. Our firm trades on all the major FX market venues and many of the smaller markets. Volatility and liquidity are our friends and our sweet spot is a combination of the two.

We tend to outperform in highly volatile and liquid markets but are opportunistic in normal market conditions. Our firm is a big player in the FX Spot market due to our ongoing passion about finding an edge in the microstructure of the markets.

We are a team who believe in efficiency, team work and are passionate about markets. Our traders, technologists and the operations teams work closely together. People with common sense and an entrepreneurial attitude thrive in our environment. Our strategies are constantly evolving and the same can be said of our team. Our people and the partnerships we have are our strengths and the reputation of our firm is everything.

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